Have 1-on-1 conversations that matter

Good managers have regular conversations that go beyond project updates and how work is going. Radar makes these meetings easy and meaningful.

Why are 1-on-1s important?

People leave managers, not companies. The key to improvement? Communication.

Regular and meaningful conversations strengthen the relationship between manager and employee, create a space for personal development, and ensure that what is important doesn’t get lost in the urgent.

  • Since first popularised by Andy Grove in the 1980s, the practice has gone on to be adopted by Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, who have witnessed a vast improvement within their organisations. Employees are more aligned with the company mission, engaged in their work, and less likely to leave.

Your lightweight solution for 1-on-1s

We focus on the process, so that you can focus on the conversation.

No installation

Manage your meetings directly in Google Calendar and receive all your important notifications and documents by email. No extra software or apps.

Smart scheduling

Set aside some regular slots for 1-on-1s in your diary and we'll will set up the individual meetings. Missed meetings are rescheduled, so you don’t have to cancel conversations when you get busy.

Central dashboard

Get an instant overview of your entire team, and have all your previous notes and future agendas at hand as you prepare for your next conversations.

More meaningful conversations

Having good conversations doesn’t have to be difficult.

Hear your team

A few days before the meeting, we'll ask team members what the question at the top of their mind is. This allows you to prepare, and get down to what matters most.

More equally balanced chats

Great 1-on-1s are the responsibility of both parties. We help balance the meeting by providing structure and a shared agenda.

Curated questions

Knowing what to talk about can be awkward. We have curated a comprehensive question bank of useful conversation prompts to guide you when needed.

Actionable follow up

By taking notes during the conversation, and uploading them afterwards, you can build momentum, monitor progress, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.